This site is dedicated to the memory of Barb.

Barb was born in Anstey Leicestershire on February 01, 1931. 
Barbara was fourteen and a half years older than me so she was always my big sister although she was smaller than me in stature. She was always proud to be the eldest and used to call herself the first born! So many that have gone before her who we grieved for together: Mum, Dad, Pamela, Geoff, Merle, Robert. She leaves besides me, our sister Mary and her children who loved her. John who lives in Canada also but in the East. Karen our niece who has brought lots of joy and laughter and whose visits Barb always enjoyed. Karen’s daughter Ruth and her daughter Eden who she has brought such joy seeing the photos of her first stages of life.

She has always been a part of my life even when she moved to Canada we used to write to each other and at one time we used to record messages to each other using tape recorders!
Then came Skype, I remember trying to get her to use it when our Mother was alive but she didn't like the idea *laughing* Barb and I spent many happy hours talking and making cards over Skype and there were times when we would be crying laughing at some of the things we did.

Barb was the eldest of 8 children and I was the youngest and we often had our arguments but we always made up.

I have many memories of before she moved to Canada as I used to visit her and Wal on their small holding on Saturdays, they had such a lovely family which was strong and loving.

I remember when they were moving over to Canada and they wouldn't tell us which day they were leaving but I phoned up on that morning, her words to me was – TRUST YOU!

I know she loved being in Canada and considered herself extremely lucky to have so many people around her who she loved and cherished, really good friends who was always there for her and was with her till the end.

I would personally like to thank you all (and you know who you are) for being there and doing the things I would have done if I was there with her. I will always be grateful.

My love for Barb and Wal runs deep within me, and it is that love which I know can never die.

So until we meet again my wonderful big sis; always remember I love you.


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